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Diversity and Inclusion

The Miles Partnership is an actively engaged Executive Search Firm committed to Diversity. Not only do we practice what we preach in terms of our own employees, but we work closely with our Clients to deliver comprehensive and diverse shortlists that fully reflect society.

We know that an inclusive workforce harnesses the strength of all employees. Not only is a diverse executive team important for your organisations ‘image’, diverse leadership is a driver of fiscal success. Business’s that truly embrace diversity of thought, style, experience, disability, sexuality, culture, race, gender and religion, are those whose ‘fresh thinking’ is demonstrably leading the way.

For some Executives, there is an instinct to create Boards that ‘look and feel’ good to shareholders, stakeholders and the general public. A laudable goal, but not necessarily the right ones. Looking good and being good are not the same. The perfect board is not one that is necessarily easy to manage, or one that is compliant and does not push back. A Board’s purpose is to govern, not comply. A good Board listens, contributes and challenges business as usual.

The most successful Boards are diverse Boards. They offer depth, broad insight and perspective. Put simply, they offer new solutions to problems that cannot be answered by the status quo.


It is a fact that:-

  1. Diverse knowledge makes your organisation relevant to a wider group of stakeholders.
  2. Diversity reflects an ever shrinking world, something that every company should be attuned to.
  3. Healthy debate leads to better decision making, which in turn makes a more successful business.
  4. Diverse Boards tackle the same challenges in new ways. They provide new solutions to ever evolving problems.
  5. Great innovation comes from disruption of the norm.
  6. Your clients, prospective clients, stakeholders, employees and customers are by their very nature all diverse.
  7. Employees feel valued in a corporation that values meritocracy
  8. Setting an example at the top will hopefully have a trickle-down effect within the organisation.
  9. Diversity enhances brand reputation and increases social standing.
  10. A variety of backgrounds will ensure your organisation is more adaptable in a competitive environment, and therefore more profitable.

As a business, we are proud to be an active member of the Powerlist Foundation as well as long standing supporters of the 30% Club

Recent reports which reflect our thinking, include:

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