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Big 5 shed 10 stone for SOS Children’s Village in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

21st February. We have reached the mid-point in the SOS Weight Loss Challenge and have 6 weeks until 1st April to lose the remaining required lbs. Each person has made some big changes in their diets and exercise and are showing great commitment to the cause. Quark, soups and going vegetarian (not sure Veganuary featured) and perhaps a bit of dust (thank goodness for cuppa soups) are diet staples.
The total e.g. 10 stone is 140 lbs and we are currently at 70lbs so absolutely bang on target but we all know from experience that the second half is tough with countdown hanging overhead. However, they are all well on the way so please keep up your support for them and spread the word. The benefits to the charity will be significant if we can reach the fundraising target  – we are over half way there too but we have a bit to go to enable us to provide uniforms for the children…. Thank you!.

Welcome to ‘The Interim Statement’ March 2019.

1st March. This month’s edition features an interview with Xavier Delhaise, an Interim Transformation Director with over 20 years’ experience advising Blue Chip companies. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with Steve Rutherford to understand more about the value Interim Managers could bring to your organisation.

Welcome to ‘The Interim Statement’ February 2019.

5th February. This month’s edition features an interview with Interim Chief Operating Officer, Jerry Williams. We hope you enjoy this and future editions. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with Steve Rutherford to understand more about the value Interim Managers could bring to your organisation.

Welcome to ‘The Interim Statement’ January 2019.

11th January. This month’s edition focuses on the business landscape going into 2019. We hope you find this an interesting read. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with Steve Rutherford should you wish to understand more about the value Interim Managers could bring to your organisation.

Written in collaboration with the MMM Network, Partner Korinna Sjoholm discusses AI and the equality question.

Is AI gender agnostic? Or is it being programmed with societies’ inherent inequalities inbuilt?

Click here to read the full article.

New appointments at The Miles Partnership

August 2017

The Miles Partnership is pleased to announce the appointment of two new Partners; Julia Roberts who joins to strengthen our Public Sector practice and Steve Rutherford, who joins our Executive Interim practice. We are also delighted to appoint Noel O’Curraoin as Principal within the Financial Services team.

Chris Stainton, Chief Executive said ‘The Miles Partnership is committed to being the most innovative and dynamic Executive Search and Human Capital firm in the UK. We are committed to building the very best team of individuals and these recent appointments demonstrates that commitment. Julia, Steve and Noel are outstanding individuals and each bring a wealth of experience and commitment to excellence’ continue reading

Dame Helen Alexander dies aged 60

August 2017

An amazing woman of our time.  Dame Helen was a true polyglot, she carved out a career that was so broad in as much as the areas she touched were extensive.  Each time she talked about any of her commitments it was with equal amounts of passion commitment and knowledge.  She was able to display confidence and capability in equal measures.  A great listener, a quiet thoughtful manner.  Her influence and appreciation spread far and wide.  She was one a handful of women to receive the Legion de Honour in 2016.  Dame Helen loved business, education and culture. Her support for an engagement in the need for greater equality for women in the work environment was truly commendable. Just a few months ago she was a key note speaker at a KPMG Senior Women’s Breakfast.  She remained involved in the development of the Hampton Alexander review to the end.  She was a lovely person who will be greatly missed by so many of us.

Katushka Giltsoff, Senior Advisor

Diversity remains high on the agenda in the Boardroom

August 2017

Diversity remains high on the agenda for board level recruitment.  However, the conversation has moved beyond that of debating why boards are comprised of directors who are simply ‘pale male and stale’!  Since the launch of the Davies Report over five years ago, progress has been made on improving the numbers of women on boards, so much so, that we are now looking at how we can develop gender diversity at all leadership levels. This is reflected in the number of organisations that are continuing to sign up to the Women in Finance Charter continue reading

To find out more about our Financial Services and Board Practices please contact Deborah Cooper on 020 7596 9535 or

The first 100 days and beyond..

A conversation between Deborah Cooper and Chris Stainton – 12th May 2016

The first days in a new role can be critical to the success of both the individual and the organisation. The Miles Partnership provides advice to placed candidates to help them make the best start. Deborah Cooper, Partner and Leader of the Financial Services  Practice has decades of experience in guiding candidates and clients through this crucial period, but has recently found herself as the new hire after joining us. Here she reflects on her time on this side of fence and how it would shape her advice in the future.

Having enjoyed  six months gardening leave Deborah returned to the fast pace of corporate life to join us, as we focus on our own ambitious growth agenda.  She was brought in to strengthen further our leadership team which has trebled in size through widening its proposition and attracting talent from our competitors.    Working alongside colleagues in the Board Practice and Financial Services she is executing our clearly defined strategy and has already secured several mandates. This is what she has learnt along the way and how might it shape the advice she offers to all those starting a new role.

The first few weeks:

Ensure you have a planned induction in place and if arranging one for others don’t underestimate the impact of going the extra mile to create a warm welcome for new employees.

Before you join an organisation, always understand the type of induction planned for you. Its true to say that the first three months in any role offers you the opportunity to build a positive impact; secure your place in the organisation and build a solid platform for on-going success.   Within The Miles Partnership, this was very well managed and on day one I had a schedule of meetings which varied from 1:1s to practice meetings as well as a guide of the TMP process and systems.  A very welcoming gesture was a reception drinks evening where the whole firm was invited and the majority were able to attend.

Your relationships count:

Invest time in getting to know all the team both as individuals and professionally.  Feeling an early sense of belonging makes a huge difference and  enables you understand where you focus your energies to undertake your role effectively.  Be visible and communicate your understanding of your role and focus on an on-going basis both to build trust and manage expectations..


It was enormously helpful understanding quickly ‘how do we do things around here’ which means  getting up to speed with processes and technology quickly.  In the first few weeks, it felt very similar to driving a new car – windscreen wipers going rather than the indicators!  In view of this, be kind to yourself in your first month, some tasks take a little longer.

Be strategic as well as focused on execution:

It worked well investing time up front to ensure clarity around about our business strategy and plans so that we could then ensure we were developing our relationships in a joined up manner and galvanising the team strengths and experiences.  Ensuring you’re aligned in what you’re doing and being transparent about your own focus/agenda creates allies as well as synergies.  Be prepared for some people taking more time than others to trust, personalities vary. Being consistent and being yourself pays off.

Top Tips:

  • Agree comprehensive induction plan with outcomes
  • Invest time in developing internal relationships at all levels and be visible
  • Develop short, medium and long term deliverables – add value and deliver against your remit
  • Don’t allow yourself to be distracted, establish boundaries and keep focused
  • Ensure its not all about work and you create time to have fun!